Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Swiftlinkng?
Swiftlinkng is a platform that offers the best services for Data and Airtime top-up, Cable TV subscriptions, Electricity bill payment and many other services in a more secure, swift, friendly and convenient way while keeping tracks of customer’s usage count.

How can I access SwiftlinkNg?
By visiting on any internet enabled device

What’s your working hour?
All services are available 24/7

Will your data plans work with my device?
Our Data Plans work perfectly with all internet enabled devices.

Can my data bundle be rolled-over or topped-up?
If you purchase a new data bundle before the expiry of the current one, all your previous data will be rolled over.

How long does it take to get any of the services?
We truly live by our name Swift.

How do I register?
Click Register  and enter the required details requested, then you sign up.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
Kindly click on reset password

How to Fund wallet?
-Make sure you are logged into your account,

To fund wallet ;
- Click on fund wallet
- Enter the amount you wish to fund which is minimum of 100 naira depending on your level of account
- Click any of the Payment options made available

First option is
Continue with personal account
 ( this is a virtual account provisioned for only your use, it can be sterling, wema, fidelity, providus or Rolex microfinance) you can fund it without using the website, anytime and anywhere but minimum deposit is dependent on account level.
It is instant funding with no issue.

Continue with Monnify(Card or bank transfer )
-Click on it
- It displays where to enter your card details and generate otp which will be sent by your bank after you input it for your account to be debited and wallet funded, if for bank transfer you will be provided with a bank account you should transfer to immediately and after you are done and have received debit alert, you confirmed the transaction from the website page or mobile application for you to be funded.

Are my card details safe here?
Yes, your card details are safe as payment gateway is been handled solely by the individual banks involved.

Which cards are accepted?
Internet payment enabled Verve, Mastercard, Visa debit or credit card.

How long does it take for payment to reflect to your organization?
Once you made a successful payment, the organization gets notified immediately.

I deposited using wallet and it is yet to reflect?
Kindly contact us for possible resolve.

I made a payment but have not been credited?
This seldom happens but if it does, you can contact us so we can check the status of your payment for possible reconciliation.

I can't see my virtual account assigned to me
Kindly log out your account from the website and log it in again then click on fund wallet to see your account.

I'm told wrong number even when number is correct
Kindly ensure there are no spaces in the phone number or after the phone number.

How to buy INTERNET DATA from your wallet or Bank

Login your Swiftlinkng email address and password details 
Once logged in,  

-Click on Buy Data 
-Choose the network you want and type... Eg AIRTEL Data

- Choose the package or plan
- Enter the phone number you want the data on 
Click on process or buy from bank

-To Click on Process( make sure to have funds in your wallet)
The system processes your request and credit immediately, to Buy from bank, you use your card or transfer

How can I work as an agent?
Please contact us for more info

How do I get help and even more information?
Please send an email to